Music for houses

Sounds like a Talking Heads tune. Since I’m actually on holiday, albeit laden with flu-like symptoms that would have seen me off anyway, there’s no #musicfortrains for a few days.

So instead I thought I’d round up, as much for my own amusement as anything, some of my favourite tunes of the year.
I’ve already done the Jockrock top 30 Scottish albums and along with‘s writers detailed the top ‘international’ efforts, but realised there were a few omissions from any ‘best of 2012’ list. Namely, (mostly) individual tunes which weren’t on any of the 50 or so albums I’d already had on my various lists.

So… I’d say “in no particular order”, but the first one in the list actually belies that, being a twin-pronged assault on my end-of-year chart.

Adam Stafford / Rick Redbeard
split 7″ (Gerry Loves)
They’ve probably won, er, stuff, and my undying admiration individually in their band guises (Y’all Is Fantasy Island and the Phantom Band, respectively) and have played various itm? shows over the years. In short, how could they fail to top the chart?

Blank Canvas – The Wrecker

Have been aware of this Scottish quartet for a while but saw them live for the first time at Doune. Excellent.

Thula Borah – Organic Paranoia (Gargleblast, I think)
I say “I think” as I’m not now sure this is on the legendary Lanarkshire label… but was probably recorded at the studio. Aficionados will probably be able to detect this just from listening.

Tulipomania – Found Guitar (Sursumcorda)
Now… as far as I recall the band sent me a link to their video first, which i quite liked, so they sent the album, and opening tune ‘Found Guitar’ was my favourite. Sadly it’s not streamable, but this will do nicely…

Viva Stereo – New Life (Much Better)
Another 10th birthday celebration… this lot had a homecoming show (almost) in February – Lonely Tourist also on the bill – and this emerged as a single from the album from 2011.

Iliketrains – The Shallows
Having dropped their fUNnY cAPitaLIsAtIoN and songs about witch trials (just as they’re coming into fashion), this Leeds lot proved that they can still be just as doomy and gloomy as we remember them.

Patrick Wolf – Hard Times – from Sundark and Riverlight
Another 10th birthday… this is from a double album, Sundark and Riverlight, covering his decade in music – Hard Times is an older tune but apparently rewritten for the occasion with Buffy Sainte-Marie. Oddly, unless I missed him early on it seems that itm? has never covered this English singer-songwriter.
Oh, and this is – see also iLiketrains – an album which should probably have been in itm?’s top 30 of the year, but due to an ‘administration error’…

Colin’s Godson – Garry Bushell’s Austentacious Beard – from The Littlest Album #3
This Lanarkshire (again?) crew put out more than one mini-album this year as well as having a track on LA3 (reviewed and hopefully explained here). Given the nature of their releases they didn’t fit too well into either singles or long-player lists, but I can redress the omission here, a wee bit at least.

Aggi Doom – Bring Me The Head – Soft Power
Um, I think Aggi Doom are Glasgow-based. Doesn’t really matter but the fact that their label, Soft Power, are a few miles away from my house is the interesting bit especially as a Scottish band on their roster is quite a rarity – international signings from somewhere in West Lothian a most unusual occurrence. Anyway, among quite an impressive set of releases from Soft Power in 2012 this is probably my favourite.

Supernational – Meds To Get Over (KFM)
This is in at #10 perhaps because if it was #1 that’d look like a vested interest – I used to co-manage one of the band with Sat… sorry, Stevo Pearce. Those were interesting times and a very long story. Anyway, Supernational are Minnesotan Mark Lange (Tiger, Tiger) and Jamie and Kevin from Fife spacepoppers Cruiser. This trails their album for Edinburgh’s KFM label which should be out in 2013…

Scottish Song of the Day (69): Mull Historical Society

AKA Colin Macintyre of course, in fact he went back to his given name for a bit then realised that everyone knew him by the ‘band’ name, so he has returned to that, and guess what, his new stuff harks back to the quality of this early (earlier) tune.
He was on the radio just the other day, playing songs that influenced him, or something (Simon and Garfunkel, and Flaming Lips in there) and of course his mug has been quite prominent for me in the past few days, as I was decorating the Electric Circus with old magazine covers for our is this music? anniversary gig.

Scottish Song of the Day (68) – Dogs Die in Hot Cars

Came (from Fife), were seen (a bit), (failed to) conquer – eventually announced their split on a sudoku-based gameshow hosted by Eamonn Holmes.
Shame. I liked their XTC-inspired pop and added them to a long list of ‘tips for the top’, most of whom didn’t even make it as far as TV appearances with a fierce-hungry Irishman.
(Video below is a fun watch, though this links to The (non) Hit)