Scottish Song of the Day (58): Cocteau Twins

So, I usually try and fill out some preamble at the top of these posts… not got any proper Cocteaus stories, however… I only saw them the once, at Night Moves in Glasgow, where Liz’s voice packed in after 20 minutes. There’s another aside that’s probably libelous so I’ll let that pass… recently spent a while working on the ents pages of the Falkirk Herald, trying to shoehorn in a mention of whatever the ex-members were working on, but everyone else there who either felt they’d lost their Grangemouth connections, or (more likely) had never heard of them…
Anyway, the video below appears to be a fan-produced one, though it’s more interesting that the ‘official’ one for Pearly Dewdrops Drop

Scottish Song of the Day (57): Stretchheads

I’m not at work – food poisoning, I’ll spare you the details – so I can happily post this, which is NSFW – a bit of swearing at the start, but more that it’s just strange – certainly it’ll get you some funny looks from your boss.
Younger viewers may not recognise the band name, but may have come across Desalvo, who the Stretchheads evolved into.

Scottish Song of the Day (56): Dead Fly Buchowski

Back from a week away, where the only music was a comically (purposely?) bad Elvis impersonator. Full review to follow, maybe, if only in an attempt to diversify this blog’s content away from just being a list of bands you’d either never heard of, or had long since forgotten about.
This lot I liked, though their rock direction came as a surprise to a few around the ‘scene’ at the time. I reckon their signing to Beggars also came as a surprise (perhaps tinged with a little jealousy in some cases).
Singer Tom Davis had been in many other bands, and has continued to crop up (current project is Rainbow Fisher).
Oh, and the fact that he is a former itm? writer has no bearing on their inclusion (after all, how many bands don’t sport a former scribe in their ranks? Surprisingly few!)

Scottish Song of the Day (55): Geneva

This is one of those ones, a band hotly-tipped by the press and, we assume, their label (they were on a major). I can’t recall a lot about them, apart from this tune, which (for me) stood out above everything else they recorded.
The sound on the video is a little ‘peaky’ but being live it does show what a great singer Andrew Montgomery (I checked it and I did recall correctly!) was… oh, they were from Aberdeen (I was right about that too – but that’s about all I’ve got for you….)