Scottish Song of the Day (75): Super National

Vested interest alert: two thirds of this trio are from a band I used to manage – well, half-manage. Kev Lynch and Jamie Wishart were in Cruiser, an ever-changing Fife combo who were signed to Some Bizarre (Soft Cell’s label) and I became embroiled in a Faustian pact with showbiz legend Stevo Pearce as the band’s co-manager. The rest is, as they say, history, as are the tunes recorded for the label which never appeared on the legendary imprint.

Anyway, Kevin and Jamie – one half of Cruiser, which is ‘resting’ at present – teamed up with Mark Lange (Tiger, Tiger) for the band’s single from a couple of years ago, ‘A Gentle Press’, which was a Radio One Record of the Week, among other things. The collaboration has kind of grown new legs and got a fresh moniker for this, taken from a forthcoming album on Edinburgh’s KFM label.