Scottish Song of the Day (53): Fire Engines

It would kind of defeat the point of this series if I had actually ‘run out’ of tunes to share after just a half-century of posts. however, I have no more actual songs lined up – I know of plenty I could post but it’s a case of actually finding them on Youtube or whatever and setting up the code etc.
So, I’d intended leaving this lot for a bit later, but needs must (also, did I already post Win and The Nectarine No.9? I believe so).
So, you probably know the genius of Davy Henderson already. Here’s a bit more.

Scottish Song of the Day (48): Emma Pollock

Emma Pollock’s playing in Edinburgh tonight (Sunday 2nd Sept) with RM Hubbert, bit of a dream team gig.
Unfortunately, the end-of-festival fireworks extravaganza is also on making the transport travails in the capital these past three weeks seem like a walk in the park (unless the park is Princes Street Gardens, obviously).
Anyway, this seemed like a most inappropriate time to select a track from Emma, given that ‘Acid Test’ comes from debut album Watch The Fireworks.

(there’s also a live video of ‘New Land’, which is kind of the title track – it’s broken up with some interview chat but well worth a watch especially if you need convincing of how good she sounds live)

Scottish Song of the Day (47): Michael Marra

And yet another non-video. But instead, a nice picture of one of the finest – and by that I mean eccentric and iconic as well as a magnificent shot-stopper – Scottish goalkeepers.
I was inspired to go listen to this as a wee snippet appeared on Radio Scotland – apparently Hamish is recovering from a heart attack. It’s a tribute to the keeper from Dundonian folkie Michael Marra, and covering the occasion when Grace Kelly was in attendance to see the team give her husband’s Monaco side a good thrashing at Tannadice. (I wasn’t there myself, though tickets for the next round against Borussia Mönchengladbach were easier to come by).
Marra is a fine songwriter who’d have featured on this series anyway, so a timely double whammy.
Get well soon, Hamish.