Scottish Song of the Day (78): Popup

Just received a mail about a new ‘collaboration’ between Dougie Maclean and a Dundonian ‘supergroup’ (the one who sound like a law firm – well, their name does). It’s not even a single, it’s a beer advert, though admittedly this pint is more palatable than the brand that Frankie Miller’s cover of the song advertised.
Anyway… working on the principle that a cover should offer something new – this rough-as-feck take on ‘Caledonia’ might well be the definitive version…

Scottish Song of the Day (75) – Behold, the Old Bear

Back to the current millennium, in fact something that hasn’t been released yet (wooh).
The strangely-named Behold, the Old Bear is actually an offshoot from Glasgow-based indie oddballs Mitchell Museum – in fact, the brainchild of the equally-strangely-named Raindeer from that band.
Mitchell Museum are one of my personal favourites, and it is probably this kiss of death that’s prompted him to try a fresh assault on the pop charts under a different name.
The single is out on Feb 4th on Gargleblast Records (themselves a fine institution, having ‘discovered’ another great, and therefore doomed act, De Rosa)