Scottish Song of the Day (69): Mull Historical Society

AKA Colin Macintyre of course, in fact he went back to his given name for a bit then realised that everyone knew him by the ‘band’ name, so he has returned to that, and guess what, his new stuff harks back to the quality of this early (earlier) tune.
He was on the radio just the other day, playing songs that influenced him, or something (Simon and Garfunkel, and Flaming Lips in there) and of course his mug has been quite prominent for me in the past few days, as I was decorating the Electric Circus with old magazine covers for our is this music? anniversary gig.

Scottish Song of the Day (63): Hoboken

One of those that fall into the ‘should have been bigger than the Beatles’ category – was chatting just yesterday to someone about the bands that I’ve expected great things of (Won Mississippi, Swimmer One, Odeon Beat Club, Josephine, St Jude’s…) and that minority of acts that actually surpassed expectations (Franz Ferdinand, Biffy, er…)
This lot come into the sizeable former category. (Warning: clip may contain Craig Hill)